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Products Class

SG01 narrow pore spherical

SG02 narrow pore lumpy

SG03 type-B regular

SG04 type-B irregular

SG05 wide pore spherical

SG06 wide pore lumpy

SG07 wide pore micro-spherical

SG08 big wide pore silica gel

SG09 big wide pore regular

SG10 super wide pore silica gel

SG11 column chromatography

SG12 thin layer chromatography

SG13 thin layer chromatography plate


SG15 brewage use silica gel

SG16 Non-breakable in water silica gel

SG17 silica acid

SG18 active silica gel

SG19 silica sol

SG20 silica gel desiccant

SG21 high performance desiccant

SG22 container use desiccant

SG23 flowers drying desiccant

SG24 recycling cat litter

SG25 Cat Litter

SG26 Indicating silica gel

SG27 Fragrant Silica Gel

SG28 Colorful Silica Gel

SG29 Blue Silica Gel, irregular

SG30 Blue Silica Gel, regular

SG31 Orange Silica Gel

SG32 Toothpaste Use Silica Gel

SG33 Cosmetic Use Silica Gel

SG34 Edible Additive Silica Gel

SG35 Aquarium Fresh

SG36 Seven-Colored Crystal Sand

SG37 Colored Crystal Sand

SG38 Mansion Fresh

SG39 Shoefresh

SG40 Construction Material

SG41 Insulator Material Gel

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Makall Silica Gel Products Catalogue
SG32 Series: Toothpaste Use Silica Gel

A Guide to Buy:

Toothpaste Silica Gel is powder like, which made from super quality silica gel, it has a good character of tactility and wear and can keep the paste clinging to toothbrush (not easy to fall down), meanwhile, it can lessen teeth wear and tear, thanks to the same frictional coefficient to teeth and chemical stability.
Table18:Tooth Paste
Technique Specifications


Main Parameters


Bead Size (mesh)

Heavy Metal(In the Unit of Pb)mg/kg

Arsenic (mg/kg(

Silicon Dioxide(%)

Wide Pore Silica Gel

 220-320  or negotiating




Packaging: The product is packed in white polythene plastic bottles with inner cover. The net weight is 1000g each. Or we can pack them according to customer's packages.

We will manufacture this product according to YOUR requirements


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