Congratulation to the Famous China Brand of Makall Silica Gel.The China Famous Brands Products & Worldwide Famous Brands Products commendation conference was hold in the Beijing Great Hall of the People on September 11,2007. the Makall brand silica gel was granted the honor of Famous China Brand. Since silica gel product has been listed firstly in Famous China brands products evaluation catalogue in 2007, Makall Brand Silica Gel is the only one to be granted the honor in China silica gel industry. Makall Group Inc. will take advantage of this opportunity to strenghen their quality management, to improve products quality and to build brand name strategy awareness with high quality production!
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Alumino silica gel

Alumino silica gel:
Product character: It is a kind of alumina-containing silica gel, the chemical formula is mSiO2,nAl2O3, xH2O has the performance of high strength and adsorption, it has better application in the high temperature adsorption or the separation of various gases. There are two types of alumino silica gel: Type-H is ordinary and type-W is waterproof ones.
Application range: Type-H alumino silica gel is mainly used in the lighter hydrocarbons separation from natural gas, reducing the dew point of hydrocarbons, making natural gas gasoline and drying the natural gas at the same time. If water drops appear in the separation system, the amount of about 20% (Weight ratio) type-W alumino silica gel should be added as a protection layer. This product can also be used as ordinary desiccant, catalyst or its carrier, or used as pressure swing adsorption separating agent (PSA), especially used as a higher temperature swing adsorption separating agent (TSA).
Type-W alumino silica gel is mainly used as air drier in air separation processing, liquid adsorption and catalyst carrier, the protect layer of ordinary silica gel or alumino silica gel in the industry of petrochemical electrical power and brewage. The volume of use should be about 20% of total volume when used as protect layer.
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