Congratulation to the Famous China Brand of Makall Silica Gel.The China Famous Brands Products & Worldwide Famous Brands Products commendation conference was hold in the Beijing Great Hall of the People on September 11,2007. the Makall brand silica gel was granted the honor of Famous China Brand. Since silica gel product has been listed firstly in Famous China brands products evaluation catalogue in 2007, Makall Brand Silica Gel is the only one to be granted the honor in China silica gel industry. Makall Group Inc. will take advantage of this opportunity to strenghen their quality management, to improve products quality and to build brand name strategy awareness with high quality production!
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SG13 thin layer chromatography silica gel plate

    Thin layer chromatography silica gel is formed through the way of the highly-purified thin layer chromatography silica gel (powder) mixed with a certain quantity of binder spray, has pure white surface of plate、level-off and well-proportioned、close. Its main ingredient is SiO2·nH2O, which has chemical stability and doesn’t react with other acid and alkali except for strong base and hydrofluoric acid.  
   This product can be directly used for the quantitative analysis of many kinds of organic substances and has been universally applied in the identification of main ingredients and trace impurities from pharmaceuticals, pesticide, Chinese herb medicine, organic chemical articles as well as grains and foodstuff. High performance thin layer chromatography silica gel has even the characteristics of thin and well-proportioned particles. Compared with the general thin layer chromatography silica gel, it has better separation effect on substances.
classification:general plate TypeⅠ
general plate Type Ⅱ
high performance plate
specification and packing:product
specification(mm)30×100 50×100 50×200 100×200 200×200

High performance silica gel thin layer plate
●high performance silica gel thin layer plate with best separation capacity,degree of separation;1.2(disulpuine blue、methylene blue、developing agent;normal butyl alcohol;glacial acetic acid;water 4:1:1, stretch;3cm);
●capacity of separation:a piece of 10×20cm plate can separate 144 kinds of substance at least;
●efficiency of separation: more than 5 components can be separated per minute;
● suitable for thin layer scan quantitative analysis;
Note:We can process the product according to your demand if you have any special request.

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