Congratulation to the Famous China Brand of Makall Silica Gel.The China Famous Brands Products & Worldwide Famous Brands Products commendation conference was hold in the Beijing Great Hall of the People on September 11,2007. the Makall brand silica gel was granted the honor of Famous China Brand. Since silica gel product has been listed firstly in Famous China brands products evaluation catalogue in 2007, Makall Brand Silica Gel is the only one to be granted the honor in China silica gel industry. Makall Group Inc. will take advantage of this opportunity to strenghen their quality management, to improve products quality and to build brand name strategy awareness with high quality production!
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SG26 color-changing & indicating cat litter

    This company has 982 employees in all,average age of 40 yeas old, more than 163 employees who has obtained college degree or above. There are 45 managers available in the company now. by the end of the year 2002,the total capital was 132.11 million RMB, total fixed assets 38.95 million RMB, sales income 102.40 million RMB, net profit 5.33 million RMB, taxes 8.44 million RMB turned over to the state and yearly-earned foreign currency by export about 12.44 million RMB. By the year of 2003,the estimated sales income shall be up to 0.13 billion RMB and the yearly-earned foreign currency by export will be about 1,580 USD dollars.
     The company built the city-grade Technology Center on the basis of original chemical research institute at the beginning of 2000, which is especially responsible for the research and development of new product.
    project cooperation intention:the request is that the cat’s healthy state can be indicated through the cat litter when the cat litter can absorb the metabolin from cat, that is to say, we can know earlier than doctor if the cat is ill. expected object:It can reflect quickly through the metabolin adsorbed by cat litter whether the cat is healthy or not. It is requested that the work product should be submitted by the form of article or guiding production and also must be approved via the company’s pilot test and mass production test.
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