Congratulation to the Famous China Brand of Makall Silica Gel.The China Famous Brands Products & Worldwide Famous Brands Products commendation conference was hold in the Beijing Great Hall of the People on September 11,2007. the Makall brand silica gel was granted the honor of Famous China Brand. Since silica gel product has been listed firstly in Famous China brands products evaluation catalogue in 2007, Makall Brand Silica Gel is the only one to be granted the honor in China silica gel industry. Makall Group Inc. will take advantage of this opportunity to strenghen their quality management, to improve products quality and to build brand name strategy awareness with high quality production!
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Desiccant cooling systems

Desiccant cooling systems
Desiccant cooling systems are energy efficient, cost 
effective, and environmentally safe. They are used as
 stand-alone systems or with conventional air-conditioning
 to improve the indoor air quality of all types of 
buildings. In these systems, a desiccant removes moisture
 from the air, which releases heat and increases the air
 temperature. The dry air is cooled using either 
evaporative cooling or the cooling coils of a conventional
 air conditioner. The adsorbed moisture in the desiccant 
is then removed (the desiccant is regenerated to its 
original dry state) using thermal energy supplied by 
natural gas, electricity, waste heat, or the sun. 
Commercially available desiccants include silica gel, 
activated alumina, natural and synthetic zeolites, 
titanium silicate, lithium chloride, and synthetic 
Currently, desiccant cooling and dehumidification systems
 are being used successfully in industrial and some 
commercial applications. The Office of Building 
Technologies in the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is
 working with industry to broaden the market for desiccant
 cooling so its full energy savings and indoor air quality
 improvement potential can be realized. 

The main goals of the Desiccant Cooling Program are to 

Reduce energy consumption by 0.1 quad annually by 2005 and
 0.4 quad annually by 2010 
Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 6 million tons annually
 by 2005 and 24 million tons annually by 2010 
Capture 20% of air-conditioning sales by 2005 and 35% by 

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