Qingdao Makall Group, which was founded in 1995, is located in the south of Qingdao International Airport Industrial Park. Makall enjoys a convenient traffic access condition because of its excellent geographical location. Makall¡¯s capital amount reaches up to RMB 300 million with an area of 580,000 square meters, and with more than 1,2000 employees.
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  Makall Group--- Enterprise¡¯s culture

Pursuit perfect, Create new high forever

Rules manage things, culture manages minds, inspiration manages persons
Create study type, managing type and creating type teams; make enterprise scientific, systematizing and perfect
Recognize people, choose people, educate people, use people, regard people as the basis; love talents, protect talents, close to talents, leave talents, talents make enterprise prosperous
Knowledge can change one¡¯s forth; studying can accomplish one¡¯s future; if you refuse to studying, you must be washed out tomorrow.
Reduce non-added values; increase added values; appreciate immateriality assets; create maximum values; eight aspects: employees, customers, suppliers, investors, banks, stockholders, countries and society.
If you want to show your life value, start from your career; If you want to enjoy your life, start from enjoying your work.
Learn from other¡¯s strong points to offset our strong points, to be big on the basis of merits; pull high upright, to be strong on the basis of height.
Do things correctly; Do correct things; do the things which we should do to be best.
Know Benefaction, owes, repay kindness, kindness is heavy as a mountain; know friendship, remember friendship, repay friendship, the friendship is as deep as the sea; morality, moral characters, culture and morality, have large influence for good morality; justness, virtue, assemble virtue, one¡¯s virtue can almost as high as the sky.
¡°3¡± for direction, methods and circumference;
¡°2¡±for evaluating from all directions, and inspiring from all directions;
¡°11¡±for mastering information for everything, analysis for everything, planning for everything, measuring for everything, having standards for everything, everything can be done, everything under managements, having flows for everything, having forms for everything, assessing for everything, realization for everything¡±.
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