Qingdao Makall Group, which was founded in 1995, is located in the south of Qingdao International Airport Industrial Park. Makall enjoys a convenient traffic access condition because of its excellent geographical location. Makall¡¯s capital amount reaches up to RMB 300 million with an area of 580,000 square meters, and with more than 1,2000 employees.
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Qingdao Makall Group
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¡¡ Makall Group¡ªenterprise¡¯s awards
ISO9000 Certificate (English version)
ISO9000 Certificate (Chinese version)
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China Famous Brand Certificate (NEW)

China Famous Brand (NEW)

High-tech Industrial enterprise
Famous Enterprise in Shandong Province
Famous Brand in Shandong Province
Famous Star Enterprise in Shandong Province
50-top Private-owned Science and Tech enterprise in Qingdao City
100 top Private-owned Enterprises in Qingdao City
National Credit and Obeying Laws Village and Town Enterprise
Abiding Contract and
Advanced Ratepaying Enterprise of 2005

Credit Enterpriese
Clean Production Enterprise of Qingdao
Advanced Enterprise of ¡°One Day Donation¡± in Shandong Province
Top 500 in Chinese Chemicals ¨CTop 50 in Special Chemicals
Excellent Awards for Company Culture of Shandong Province
Leading Awards of First Private-owned high-tech products Expo of Shandong Province
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General Manager's Office phones:+86-532- 87719688 +86-755- 33979149
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E-mail: makall@silica-gel.com.cn
Address: 28 Shuangyuan Lu., Liuting, Chengyang District, Qingdao, China.
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