Qingdao Makall Group, which was founded in 1995, is located in the south of Qingdao International Airport Industrial Park. Makall enjoys a convenient traffic access condition because of its excellent geographical location. Makall¡¯s capital amount reaches up to RMB 300 million with an area of 580,000 square meters, and with more than 1,2000 employees.
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THE Largest Manufacturer of Silica Gel Series in Asia

Makall Profile

Located in the south of Qingdao International Airport Industrial Park£¬Qingdao Makall Group Inc. is producing more than 40 series of silica gel products, of which are more than 300 specifications. Its annual silica gel production capacity is 50,000 tons, which is about 33% in the domestic production, and its export quantity is about 35% in China. Our products are exported to more than 120 countries and areas all over the world, such as Europe, USA, etc. Makall has built supplier relationship with 11 companies which are among the top 500 global corporations and it is the largest base of silica gel production, scientific research and export in Asia.

In 1995, Yongzhao Li (to read his profile, pls click here) , the Board Chairman of Makall, together 40 employees, founded Qingdao Huanhai Fine Chemicals Factory on salina of Li Jia Nv Gu Village of Liu Ting Street. They had only a registered capital of RMB 1 million and annual production of 450 tons by that time. In 1996, he registered Qingdao Meijing Chemical Co., Ltd. and in 1997 the company became a joint venture company with foreigners and was registered as Qingdao Meigao Chemical Co., Ltd., which is a China-foreign venture enterprise.
In 1999, we had a new product development - ¡°amorphous cat litter¡±, the product has passed the national evaluation of new products. After being put into market, this product brought great stir to the pet products market and was called ¡°a revolutionary of pet use product¡±, and the demand exceeding supply. The fast development of Makall took off since then.
On October 18th., 2002, Qingdao Makall Group Inc. was established. It had three subsidiaries - ¡°Meigao Chemical Co., Ltd.¡±, ¡°Meigao Trading Co., Ltd. ¡± and ¡°Meigao Machinery Co., Ltd.¡±.

Achievements and Honors
Makall persists in the principle of ¡°Innovating every day and keeping ahead every step¡±. Makall develops and invents more than 40 kinds of further silica gel products of high technology and high added value. 17 products have gained national patents: including 10 of them have obtained invention patent; 21 kinds are high and new technology products; 15 kinds have got the fruit awards of science and technology (3 patents have arrived the international advanced level and 18 patents have reached the domestic advanced level); 2 kinds are the National important and new products and 1 kind is regarded as Qingdao Municipal important and new product. Makall Brand silica gel has got the award of The First High Technology Private-owned Enterprises in Shandong Province and the Gold Medal of Hong Kong International Patent Technology Exhibition. In 2007, Makall Brand silica gel was awarded as China Top Brand and it is sole in silica gel industry.

Makall took the lead in passing the authorizations of ISO9001 amd ISO14001 System in the same industry. Makall is one of the ¡°Top 10 Competitive Private-owned Enterprises in Qingdao¡± and ¡°50-top Private-owned Science and Tech enterprise in Qingdao City¡± and it has also awarded as ¡°AAA Crowned Enterprise¡±, ¡°Famous Star Enterprise in Shandong Province¡±, ¡°Top 500 in Chinese Chemicals ¨CTop 50 in Special Chemicals¡± and ¡°National Credit and Obeying Laws Village and Town Enterprise¡±. Additionally, Makall has been entitled as ¡°Excellent Supplier¡± by domestic pharmacy industry; ¡°Best Supplier All Over the World¡± by the biggest manufacturer of household cleaning products in USA and it is the sole silica gel supplier in Asia. Makall Brand silica gel is the sole brand of self-determination brands in Wal-mart.

Makall devotes itself into the charity and commonweal activities and it has donated more than 6,800,000 RMB and we have imbursed more than 500 students. The amount of people received our donation is near 3200. Makall has been entitled as ¡°the Basis of Caring Next Generation¡± and has obtains the Charity Awards of First Session. And also it is the Advanced Private-owned Enterprise of Helping Villages and the Advanced Enterprise of One-day Charity in Shandong Province.

Developing Goals
The developing goals of Makall for the next 3 to 5 years are: it will invest about 1.8 billon RMB to build ¡°Makall Silica Gel Industry Park¡±, which is (three bases and one garden) ¡°raw materials base, primary silica gel production base, and further production base and technology development garden¡±. By conforming the resources in this industry and forming the industry group including upriver and downriver industry, Makall will try its best to build up a silica gel industry chain which takes recycle economy as it feature, and then extend the production to mass production gradually. And on the basis, Makall plans to become a listed company by 2010 and make the company to be large and strong by financing to realize its goal ¡°to build up global famous brand, to be famous enterprise with one-hundred history¡±.

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